About our tools

The problem

Repairs on planes, helicopters and hovercraft often have to be carried out away from the main base and in a hurry. But delays are frequently caused by over tightened or jammed screws and bolts preventing the removal of access panels. What might be a minor inconvenience in a well-equipped hangar or workshop can be a major problem when there is no access to an air or power source.

The solution

Simple, effective and small enough to be kept in a flight spares box, the Turnex is the answer to that problem.

It consists of:

  • A pressure lever bar
  • Slide block and bit assembly
  • A threaded anchor

These components allow a vernier adjustment between the bit holder and the threaded anchor adaptor enabling the bit to reach the screw head at exactly the right angle – on both flat and curved surfaces.

When the anchor adaptor  is secure – in an adjacent hole – and the tool bit located in the screwhead, manual pressure on the lever bar enables screws to be removed easily by rotating the bit with a ratchet ring spanner or similar.

Originally designed to remove Phillips, Tri-Wing, TorqueSet and Torx Plus screws, versions of the Turnex are now available for use with High Torque screws.