Commercial TURNEX100


Turnex100 Commercial


The TURNEX100 is a larger version of the TURNEX50.  The general workhorse of the TURNEX range, it is an essential tool kit in the maintenance tool cabinet.

The kit consists of a pressure lever bar, a slide block bit assembly and a threaded anchor adaptor.


Designed for use on large or heavy aircraft ie Boeing 777 and Airbus A330. Extremely user-friendly when working underneath the wing for removal of access panels.

Effective up to a 3” screw pitch.

Threaded anchor adaptor sizes
10-32, ¼ and ⁵⁄16 UNF
Component materials
Aluminium Alloy and Steel
Length 63cms, Width 2cms, Depth 1.5cms
Operating weight
665 grammes
TURNEX100 Tool P/N Turnex100
3 Adaptors

  • 10-32 UNF P/N AO/1000/21
  • 1/4 UNF P/N AO/1000/22
  • 5/16 UNF P/N AO/1000/23
3 Bits to suit aircraft type
Portable Tool Case