What our customers say

We use Turnex screw extractors at jet2.com line stations to remove panel screws on our B737 and B757 aircraft. They have proved invaluable on many occasions – day, night and in poor weather conditions.

Steve Plunkett
Station Engineer

The Turnex100 seems to be the perfect addition to our existing Turnex150-200 to make a complete sophisticated toolkit out of them that can crack every nut.

Ingo Schneider
Production Service

They are used just about every night and it seems they are a ‘must have’ by the comments I get.

Paul Gunner
Line Maintenance

The fact that we had to drill out more fasteners than we unscrewed illustrated the problem we had. With the Turnex, we successfully removed every screw we went to and we purchased two sets from this experience.

Steve Prichard
AER Aeronautical Engineer
Fixed Wing
Qinetiq Boscombe Down